Red teaming.

What is red teaming?

A red team’s mission is to emulate the tactics, techniques, and procedures used by adversaries. OmniCyber intends to give real-world scenarios and hard facts on how a company will respond, find gaps within a security program, identify skill gaps within employees, and ultimately increase their security posture. It’s not as methodical as a penetration test as it’s a real-world attack and each test can differ significantly. Some might focus on getting personal information, banking information while others might focus on getting domain administrator.

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Many companies now have a security budget that allows Vulnerability Management programs, Multiple Penetration Tests, SOC teams, and Incident response but still, a lot of breaches happen to these large mature companies. So, what if these attackers came to your company with the same real-world tactics. How would you detect it, how long would it take, and could you figure out what they did?


This is the goal of a Red Team engagement.

At OmniCyber we follow the MITRE ATT&CK® framework which is a globally-accessible knowledge base of adversary tactics and techniques based on real-world observations. This consists of PRE-ATT&CK and ATT&CK Tactics. Some of the main aspects of the MITRE ATT&CK® are:


  • Test controls and their efficacy
  • Ensure coverage against different techniques
  • Understand gaps in visibility or protection
  • Validate the configuration of tools and systems
  • Demonstrate where different actors would be successful or would be caught in the environment
  • Avoid guesses and assumptions with controls by knowing exactly what is detected or mitigated and what is not
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PRE-ATT&CK and ATT&CK Enterprise combine to form the full list of tactics that happen to roughly align with the Cyber Kill Chain. PRE-ATT&CK mostly aligns with the first three phases of the kill chain: reconnaissance, weaponization, and delivery. ATT&CK Enterprise aligns well with the final four phases of the kill chain: exploitation, installation, command & control, and actions on objectives.

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