Third-Party Risk Management.

You have secured your organisation and operations, but how secure are your third-party suppliers and partners? Assessing and mitigating the risks they might introduce into your systems is a critical component of a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy.

Trading Relationships

Trading relationships have evolved as technologies have. The digital landscape today is cutthroat and relationships once built on trust have thinned as they’ve proliferated across the supply chain. What businesses face now is a strict demand from larger organisations – that they’re meeting the same commercial and legal compliance requirements as them. If they aren’t, a relationship is rarely viable. 

Supplier security management is a growing and significant portion of cyber risk.  Taking steps today to address supplier cyber risks will help mitigate the exposure to your organisation — and reduce the risk of being the next headline.

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What Problems does our Supplier Assurance service solve?

Our Supplier Assurance service will help clients to address the following common issues:

  • A lack of consistency in the client’s approach to managing suppliers.
  • The need for a common standard related security control questionnaire;
  • Greater transparency to drive up accountability.
  • The acknowledgement that not all suppliers are the same and some services carry potentially greater risks than others so the degree of assurance required may be greater.

Objectives of OmniCyber Security’s Supplier Assurance Framework

OmniCyber Security will provide a security assurance framework to deliver the following key objectives:

  • To identify all suppliers who may pose a risk to our clients
  • Conduct a comprehensive risk assessment to identify high-risk suppliers
  • Develop a supplier assurance framework which sets the standard for supplier onboarding, continual assessment, and supplier off-boarding
  • Develop a supplier self-assessment questionnaire
  • Conduct regular supplier audits to verify and validate security controls

We deliver this as a fully managed service, engaging with your third parties on your behalf to conduct the audit.

Our Approach

One size does not fit all.  Our client-focused and agile approach to delivering and implementing cybersecurity solutions offers clients the ability to improve their security posture by achieving the following objectives:

  • Assist in preventing data loss
  • Minimise the risk of reputational damage
  • Help increase confidence from clients and their customers in the confidentiality, integrity and availability of its information and data assets
  • Increased compliance with industry standards, legislations, and regulations