API Testing.

What is API testing?

APIs have become a widespread practice in application development, and like web applications, they can harbor vulnerabilities. The unique aspect of APIs is that these issues might not be readily apparent through a user interface; they could lurk beneath the surface. It’s crucial to treat these vulnerabilities with the same vigilance as any other part of your digital infrastructure.


Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) act as intermediaries that enable different applications to communicate seamlessly. While web-based APIs (HTTP/REST) generally offer stronger security, even disciplined and well-governed practices can have vulnerabilities, especially in the case of custom in-house dynamic functions.


At OmniCyber Security, we offer a key API testing service – White-box testing. This method involves providing our testers with documentation and sample requests, allowing them to comprehensively assess your APIs. Each engagement is tailored to the unique specifics of your organization’s APIs.

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