Cyber Security Services.

OmniCyber provide a variety of services to help you protect your business from cyber attacks and remain compliant with GDPR. We also provide training to ensure you and your workforce understand best practices to protect your business continuity finances & reputation.

What is

Cyber security encompasses the protection of all things digital from those that mean to do harm or gain access illegally to data and information.


Cyber security helps to protect this information, which also protects businesses, customers, employees and clients from financial and reputational damage.


OmniCyber provides services that help users to stay safe when browsing websites and using apps on devices we use every day. 

Service areas

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    Offensive Security

    These are services that we provide, where we simulate a cyber attack on your website and test for common and lesser-known vulnerabilities. We then provide you with a report to highlight areas of greatest and least concern. 

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    Infrastructure Services

    These are services that we provide to help ensure the security of your website or application. from firewall configuration to incident response and management, we help to ensure business continuity.

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    GDPR & data

    Our GDPR services help you to ensure you are compliant with these relatively new regulations. We help you to understand everything jargon free!

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    Whether it's teaching developers security tools and techniques or teaching your staff how to protect their data with password security, we can arrange a training seminar to suit you. Whether it's one person or a large group, get in touch with a member of our team today.

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