CREST Certified Penetration Testing makes you better in places you least expect it.
What is
Penetration Testing

A penetration test is an assessment designed to find weaknesses and vulnerabilities in your company’s defences. A pen test exploits authentication issues, cross-site scripting problems, source code flaws, logic flaws, and insecure network configurations.

It is a test of all of the software and all of technical infrastructure that keeps your business systems up and running.

Let us help you identify your weaknesses.

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Penetration Test?

Penetration testing is the only way to test the defences that are protecting your data from ever-evolving criminal threats. An internal and external pen test of your cybersecurity will give your company a confirmation of the security controls in place, through an independent test. A pen test will help your organisation understand the cybersecurity threats and gain a better awareness of them. You can then fix vulnerabilities prior to them being exploited by criminal hackers


Penetrating testing is your protection against the latest threats, tools, and techniques of criminal hackers. A pentest explores the vulnerabilities and weaknesses in your business’s defences and highlights what action your business needs to take, to protect against the identified threats.


We are a CREST accredited company that employs Offensive Security Certified Professionals (OSCP), also known as ethical hackers. Under a defined scope set out with your company, our hackers systematically infiltrate your systems to find weaknesses in your defence plan and expose vulnerabilities.

Understand Threats From Outsiders

External Pen Testing

External penetration testing removes the uncertainty and risks of an external attack on your computer systems. It simulates an outsider attack and again identifies the weaknesses in your systems and/or website.

An external penetration test will help your company Identify and address weak spots, where sensitive information can be exposed. The resulting report will highlight systems that an outside attacker could take control of.

Understand Threats From Within

Internal Pen Testing

Internal penetration testing is a process that will allow you to fully understand the potential threats from within. The test is designed to help you reduce the risks that are posed by individuals who have legitimate access to your computer systems and your network.

Our ethical hackers will simulate an insider attack to see how far into your systems an insider can get while remaining undetected. The hacking test will highlight what information can be extracted or accessed from within your premises and environment.

Penetration Testing - Pen test quote

Ethical Hackers

How Pen Testing Works

Penetration testing is carried out by ethical hackers who use manual and penetration testing tools to exploit weaknesses in your systems. This stress testing of your internal and external security defences uses real-life techniques used by the most sophisticated and intelligent cybercriminals. The results form the basis of a comprehensive report that shows issues and gives clarity to where your security systems are weak.

The pen test report will recommend and address exactly how to remediate these weaknesses.

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