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Printer Security: The Silent Threat In The Corner Of Your Office

In the corner of every office, amidst the hum of productivity, here’s a cybersecurity risk quietly slipping under the radar—the humble printer. Beyond its primary function of churning out documents, a printer can serve as a potential gateway for cyber threats if not armed with robust security measures. This blog aims to unravel the layers of vulnerability surrounding printers, detailing the risks they pose and providing comprehensive insights into safeguarding these often-overlooked devices.



What Makes Printers Vulnerable?


Unauthorised Access

Printers, like any other network-connected device, face the risk of unauthorised access. Hackers may exploit vulnerabilities in printer security protocols to infiltrate networks, gaining access to potentially sensitive print jobs. Implement strict access controls and authentication mechanisms, restricting printer access to authorised personnel.


Network Vulnerabilities

As nodes on the network, printers can become entry points for cybercriminals if not adequately protected. Weak security measures may expose the entire network to unauthorised access from hackers. Strengthen your defences by employing secure connections like WPA2, incorporating firewalls, and implementing advanced security measures to deter malicious actors.


Data Interception

Transmission of print jobs over unsecured networks poses a significant risk of interception, potentially leading to the exposure of confidential information, and contributing to potential data breaches. According to Quocirca61% of organisations have experienced print-related data loss in the past year (as of 2023).

Deploy robust cybersecurity measures, including antivirus protection, and implement encryption protocols for secure data transmission. Consider utilising technologies like Near Field Communication (NFC) Printing or Synnapx Go for wireless, secure document transmission and printing from mobile devices.


Print Job Logging

Printers often maintain logs of print jobs, creating repositories of potentially sensitive information. In the absence of proper monitoring and security, these logs become enticing targets for attackers seeking valuable intelligence. Stay ahead by regularly monitoring and encrypting stored data, and purging sensitive information where possible.


Physical Security

Physical access to printers introduces an additional security challenge. Unattended printers with sensitive documents in the output tray can be sources of data leaks, highlighting the importance of securing the physical space around these devices. Enhance physical security with restricted access to printers, secure printing rooms, implement access control technologies for print jobs, such as PIN codes or swipe cards.


Outdated Firmware

Neglecting firmware updates leaves printers vulnerable to attacks, as known vulnerabilities patched in software updates become prime targets for attackers. Stay secure by regularly updating firmware and software with the latest security patches, and automating firmware updates wherever possible.


Unsecured Remote Access

Remote printer access demands stringent security measures. Unsecured remote access points can be exploited for unauthorised control. Safeguard remote access with VPNs or SSL connections.


Default Configuration Settings

Improperly configured settings make printers easy targets, with easily guessable and simple default passwords. Weak settings allow access, manipulation, or interception of print jobs. Hackers may launch brute-force attacks to gain control of printers with easily guessable passwords. Mitigate risks by configuring settings securely and immediately changing default passwords to strong, unique ones.

Insufficient User Awareness

A lack of employee awareness poses security risks, with inadvertent security breaches due to unattended documents or a lack of access control. Elevate your defence by educating employees on printer security best practices and implementing secure document handling procedures.



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By understanding the vulnerabilities and potential exploits of printer security, and implementing robust, appropriate security measures, businesses can fortify their defences and ensure the integrity of sensitive information. Unlock your full cyber potential with OmniCyber Security—our comprehensive cybersecurity solutions are designed to elevate your defences and secure your digital assets. Contact our expert team today to explore what we can do for you.

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