Penetration Testing

We are a CREST accredited company that employs Offensive Security Certified Professionals (OSCP) also known as ethical hackers. Under a defined scope set out with your company, our hackers will systematically infiltrate your systems to find weaknesses in your defence plan and expose vulnerabilities.

Most companies believe that their security plan works; the only way to be certain is to periodically test by allowing ethical hackers to exploit weaknesses in your defence plan. 

We then produce comprehensive reports detailing the issues and offer advice and remediation to ensure that your defence systems are bolstered to mitigate potential future attacks.

Eliminate the uncertainty and the risk of a breach in your systems with internal and external penetration testing.

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Imagine eliminating uncertainty and the risk of a breach to your systems.

Protect your organisation against the increasing sophistication of cyber-criminals with our penetration testing services to identify and address weaknesses in your internal and external environment. Our Offensive Security Certified Professionals (ethical hackers) love the challenge of breaking into systems, exploiting weaknesses in your defence plans. Put your systems to the test, let our hackers test your defences.

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Internal penetration testing

Fully understand the potential threat from within and mitigate the risk of your systems being exploited by individuals who have legitimate access to your network.

Our internal penetration testing simulates what an ‘insider attack’ could accomplish by seeing how far an insider can get into your systems undetected, and what information can be accessed and extracted from your environment. We help you identify internal security weaknesses including unauthorised access to confidential documents, and security levels for sensitive data such as credit card and customer information.

We audit your policies, procedures and security access levels so you know who in your company has access to critical systems and data and manage security with complete confidence.

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External penetration testing

Eliminate the uncertainty and the risk of an external breach of your systems. Our external network penetration test simulates an attack on your systems from an outsider, quickly identifying security weaknesses. We help you identify and address weak spots that leave sensitive information exposed, that could be captured by an outsider, and the systems they could gain control of undetected.

Check out the three types of penetration test:

  • BLACK BOX: We assume no prior knowledge of your systems before testing so you get a real-world view of an attack and what could be exploited.
  • WHITE BOX: This is involves more detailed knowledge of your systems, including user accounts/passwords and system architecture, to simulate a more educated attack.
  • GREY BOX: It is a combination of black and white box testing and helps with more detailed knowledge of your systems to peform more targeted testing.
Protect your organisation by stress testing your defences internally and externally. By identifying the weaknesses in your existing security, you're given clarity and a clear framework in which to operate with policies and operational procedures, designed to protect.
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