Local cybersecurity news and events

Some past and future cybersecurity events are going on in the local community. Here are some events that have happened or will happen that might be beneficial to you:


The 6th rendition of the HackTheMidlands event was run online between 28th-31st October 2021. The annual ‘hackathon’ is open to people aged 14+, so you do not need to be a professional, just interested in tech. The idea of the event is for passionate technologists to come together, bring new ideas, gain valuable skills, and create awesome projects.

Birmingham Open Hack

The idea of the Birmingham Open Hack event is to bring locals together to represent Birmingham. The BCU Tech Guild is the student community that leads the programme with the purpose of helping students and newcomers connect with industry professionals, make an impact, show off their skills, learn and have business owners scout their talent

National Cyber Security Show

The National Cyber Security Show aims to help SMEs gain a greater understanding of cyber threats, risks and vulnerabilities. The show aims to increase small and medium enterprise cyber resilience and highlight the latest and most innovative products, solutions, and services that can protect their business against cybercrime. The event takes place in the NEC from 5th-7th April 2022.

How these events benefit the cybersecurity industry

The benefits of local events for those working in cybersecurity include:


  • Marketing, PR, brand and social engagement opportunities
  • Creating additional revenue
  • Educating more people in the field of cybersecurity
  • Expanding your marketing strategt

How these events benefit individuals

For non-cyber security professionals, upcoming talent, business owners, and those with interest in technology, the benefits include:

  • Breaking out your comfort zone
  • Having fun
  • Learning new tools
  • Networking and finding job opportunities
  • Meeting experts and industry leaders face-to-face
  • Leaving with new ideas and cybersecurity approaches 

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