Always-On Cyber Monitoring with Darktrace and OmniCyber Security

Darktrace was created in 2013 by top mathematicians from the University of Cambridge and senior members of the US and UK governments’ cyber communities, from the NSA, CIA, MI5 and GCHQ. It is now recognized as the world’s leading AI company for cyber security.

Modelled on the human immune system, Darktrace’s ‘Enterprise Immune System’ makes use of the world’s most advanced machine learning technology for cyber defence. The technology monitors customer networks learning about the typical behaviour of every individual device and user on the network. Upon establishing a ‘unique pattern-of-life’ for the habits of every user and device, Darktrace will utilize its knowledge of the device’s and user’s pattern-of-life to identify abnormal behaviour.  In the same way the human immune system has no prior knowledge of a threatening germs that enter the body, Darktrace’s enterprise immune system requires no previous knowledge of malware or malware signatures to fight against attacks inside the network. By analysing ‘normal’ behaviour, Darktrace can spot emerging threats and neutralize them – just like a human immune system.

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AI-powered autonomous response

  • The Enterprise Immune System delivers AI-powered autonomous response across other areas of your network. This includes: email, cloud, and network traffic, taking surgical action to contain in-progress threats within seconds of detection.

Detect insider threats

  • Inside threats are estimated to now account for over 74% of business cyber security incidents. Darktrace's unique features provide more than the traditional threat prevention security tools which operate by solely focusing on inbound threats entering the network from the outside.

Threat Visualizer

  • Darktrace’s ‘Threat Visualizer’ is a piece of software that works in tandem with Darktrace’s Enterprise Immune System. The Threat Visualizer is a real-time 3D threat notification interface, which shines a light onto the network and the devices within a network, providing 100% visibility in addition to displaying real-time threat alerts.

Used worldwide

  • Darktrace’s technological solutions are distinguished across the globe, with over 7000 deployments in 105 countries. The products offered by Darktrace are uniquely flexible and as such, have been integrated in all manner of industry, including: the financial sector, healthcare, energy & utilities, manufacturing & supply, government & defence and many more.

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