Always-On Cyber Monitoring with Omni's Managed Security Operations Centre (SOC)

Centralise your cyber security programme and get a complete view of your environment with our Managed Security Operations Centre (SOC). It's simple, you set your requirements and the systems you wish to monitor and the SOC makes it easy to identify and mitigate risk, vulnerabilities and contain potential threats to your systems.

You have our cyber security experts on hand, up to date with current best practices, without having to recruit, train and employ full-time cyber security specialists to monitor your system.

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Protecting your digital environment 24/7

  • Gain a 360° view of your systems, creating a complete and effective strategy that continually monitors, analyses and responds to potential vulnerabilities and threats to your system.

A Single View of Your Environment

  • Consolidate alerts and logs from all your business applications and tools on to a single client portal, giving you the control you need to protect your system.

Tailored and Targeted Monitoring

  • Customise your service to meet the unique demands of your environment. Target areas you know are most at risk, while maintaining vigilance system-wide.

Information at Your Fingertips

  • Create dashboards and views that you want to see in real time, making pertinent information accessible quickly at your fingertips.

An Extension of Your IT Operations

  • You have full access to our security specialists who work with you to safeguard your business against future attacks and to develop an evolving security strategy, no matter where you are in the world.

How Omni Managed Security Operations Centre protects your organisation


Flexible Deployment

Only the services you need with modular approach to security from our Managed SOC.

Adaptable Processes

Uniquely designed for your specific requirements with the protection and control you need.

Customisable Events

Monitor all your business applications and maintain a 360° view of your digital environment.

Why Organisations Choose Omni Managed SOC

Self-Maintained SOC

  • Recruitment and training cost to build a skilled core team
  • Rigid functionality of SOC software
  • Applications not supported still at risk of breach

Traditional Managed SOC

  • Expensive contractual obligations
  • Rigid functionality of SOC software
  • Applications not supported still at risk of breach
  • Communications only when events are detected

Omni Managed SOC

  • Flexible services depending on requirement
  • Configurable SOC software to monitor all applications
  • Regular management reports and system review
  • Access to cyber security specialists

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