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What is IASME?

IASME is the name given to the Information Assurance for Small and Medium Enterprises Consortium. IASME is one of five government-appointed accrediting bodies for the Cyber Essentials standard. IASME Governance is a standard that small businesses can achieve to show that they have the necessary cybersecurity in place to protect their customer’s data.

Achieving this governance is an indication to your customers, suppliers, insurers, and stakeholders that your organisation has implemented adequate security practices and standards.

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Why get accredited?

IASME, at a realistic cost, allows SMEs in a supply chain to demonstrate their level of cybersecurity and that they are able to properly protect their own and their customers’ information. Achieving IASME certification can also form a strong foundation for companies wishing to undergo certification to ISO27001 as part of a longer term security strategy.

Independent auditors

OmniCyber Security has been appointed as an independent auditor by the IASME Consortium for the IASME standard for those companies that wish to demonstrate a higher level of commitment to cybersecurity, rather than following the self-assessment route. IASME is a realistic and affordable way for SMEs to prove that they are following best security practices.

Cost effective security

IASME is the most cost-effective way to raise security defences and meet government standards IT security. For small companies, IASME accreditation is seen as the best route to achieve satisfactory cybersecurity defences.

Why choose Omnicyber?

OmniCyber Security is an IASME consortium-appointed independent auditor and an accredited Cyber Essentials certification body. OmniCyber Security has the skilled knowledge to help you meet the standards set out in IASME and the Cyber Essentials Scheme. We also offer consultation services to businesses that wish to implement ISO27001.


IASME governance includes GDPR requirements, along with the Cyber Essentials scheme. It is seen as a great way for firms to show customers that they meet the regulations set out in GDPR.

A crucial part of GDPR requires companies to use the appropriate technical or organisational measures to appropriately secure personal data.

What is an IASME accreditation?

The IASME Governance Standard has been designed for small companies. The standard has been recognised by the UK government as the top cybersecurity standard, through consultation with industry groups and trade associations.


The assessment is risk-based and set against international best practices. These practices cover a wide scope of security areas such as staff awareness, data backup, incident management, business continuity, and physical security.