Cybersecurity awareness games

Did you know that it is possible for people to want to learn cybersecurity awareness training while having fun?

It is crucial that employees are educated on cybersecurity to protect themselves and their businesses. Most workers are aware that cyber threats persist in a technology-centric world but probably arent particularly thrilled or passionate about the prospect of cybersecurity training.

With the possibility and risk of poor attention, it is beneficial to make cybersecurity awareness training fun to increase the sense of engagement significantly. Research shows that a person’s brain is 68% more involved when having fun. With statistics showing that nine out of every ten cyber-attacks are due to human error, it is even more evident that you need to appeal to your employee’s human side if training is to be most effective.

The benefit of cybersecurity games

People learn best through experiences, so traditional learning centred on presentations that relay facts aren’t conducive to producing the results needed from cybersecurity training. However, game-based education creates an engaging experience, allowing the individual to gradually advance their skills by immersing themselves in real-life simulations.

The game aspect taps into our natural desire to succeed and achieve, rewarding the individual as their performance improves. Similar to the process of playing a level in a game, failure on the first few attempts creates the learning opportunity needed to beat the level and enjoy the reward of success. With gamification, participants become highly engaged in their cybersecurity training.

The active learning approach encourages collaboration among teams and transforms cybersecurity concepts into real-world exercises and scenarios. Research shows that this dynamic approach improves retention rates to 75%, significantly higher than the measly 5% retention seen with traditional learning methods.

Cybersecurity games

There is a wide choice of cybersecurity games that you can utilise to engage your employees and help them retain crucial security principles:

  1. Targetted Attack: The Game – A video immediately draws the player into this game with a virtual budget to spend on different strategies to protect sensitive company data. The correct approach leads to success; the wrong strategy signals disaster.
  2. Zero Threat – A simulation of network attacks including social engineering, phishing emails, malicious website, breaches and infected USB drives.
  3. Cybersecurity Lab – Take on the role of protecting a social networking start-up from increasingly sophisticated cybersecurity attacks.
  4. Keep Tradition Secure – Track and hunt down the fictitious hacked Bad Bull.
  5. Cyber Awareness Challenge – Upon hearing a message from ten years into the future, you must prevent cybersecurity incidents from happening by reviewing case files and changing the course of history.
  6. Game of Threats – Protect company assets as an executive or take on the role of an attacker to see cyber-attacks from their perspective.

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