Simple, Effective Cyber Essentials compliance.

Get Cyber Essentials certified and protect your business from up to 80% of cyber attacks. Our flexible plans also let you spread the costs over 12 months. 


Cyber Essentials Certified

An independently verified self-assessment for 12 months.

Free Additional Submission

If you do not pass your initial assessment, try again on us.

Cyber Liability Insurance

For UK organisations with an annual turnover under £20m.

Reduced Cybersecurity Risk

Protection against the most common cyber-attacks.

Low Monthly Cost

Affordable payments for small & medium-sized businesses

Cyber Essentials Certified

Free Additional Submission

Cyber Liability Insurance

Reduced Cyber Security Risk

Affordable Monthly Cost

What is Cyber Essentials?

Cyber Essentials is a government-backed self-assessment certification scheme, covering the essential actions your business or organisation should take to protect itself from cyber-attacks.


There are 2 Cyber Essentials Certifications:

  • Cyber Essentials Self-Assessment
  • Cyber Essentials Plus


The main difference between these two options is that Cyber Essentials Plus involves a technical audit to verify adequate application of the standards. To further understand how to meet the Cyber Essentials requirements please review the Requirements for Infrastructure Document here.

Going that extra mile.

Self-Assessment Consultancy

Our Cyber Essentials Support package allows you to have a one-to-one session with a qualified assessor to go over your Self-Assessment question set. This process helps map out your organisation’s infrastructure and processes to the assessor, who will then provide bespoke consultancy to meet the Cyber Essentials standard.