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Case Study: Protecting Data With Numerous

Modern businesses of all shapes and sizes often use data to inform their decision making, improve their efficiency and even predict forthcoming trends. However, when you’re handling personal data it is imperative that your cyber security protection is up to date and that all of this information is properly guarded.

The Challenge

We were contacted by Numerous, an app that focuses on using ethically sourced and consensually shared personal data to improve the online experience for consumers. The UK startup was looking for expert help in enhancing their app’s protection moving forwards as the business entered a funding round with potential investors.
Specifically, we were asked to run comprehensive and wide-ranging penetration testing to help Numerous to better understand and evaluate their current levels of online security.

The Solution:

Penetration testing is a key aspect of assessing how well a business is set up to defend itself from offensive threats such as cyber-attacks. Carrying out these tests can help to identify a whole range of issues regarding online security covering authentication issues, scripting problems and insecure network configurations.

Over a number of weeks our team of CREST certified penetration testers, led by Senior penetration tester, Warren Butterworth, were able to thoroughly test and examine Numerous’s cyber protection covering an array of technical aspects.

The Results:

Following a wide-ranging series of penetration tests, we provided Numerous with a detailed report looking at the strengths and areas for improvement for their cybersecurity infrastructure.


Overall, Numerous scored terrifically well across a range of aspects and we were able to confirm its status as an incredibly secure platform offering a range of e-commerce benefits to both brands and individuals. 


This kind of thorough penetration testing meant that Numerous was now able to offer further peace of mind and reassurance to investors ahead of the start-up’s latest fundraising round. Following this successful investment round, Numerous has now agreed on a three-year partnership with Omni to provide ongoing penetration testing and consultation to ensure constant vigilance and industry-leading protection for Numerous stakeholders.


Warren Butterworth, Senior Penetration Tester at OmniCyber Security, said: “In an age where more and more businesses are handling or processing personal data as part of their service, protecting this information has never been more vital both to customers and to businesses wanting to avoid costly breaches. 


“We were delighted to work with Numerous as their team looked to evaluate their current levels of protection whilst creating a renewed sense of reassurance for the brand. We look forward to continuing to support the Numerous team as it grows moving forwards.”

To find out more about how penetration testing can help your business to analyse and improve its cybersecurity protection, click here.

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