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ransomware attack

Ransom Paid by Forensics Giant Eurofins Scientific

Reports have emerged that the largest provider of forensic services in the UK, Eurofins Scientific, has paid a ransom to cyber criminals following an attack. As this time, there aren’t any indications on the amount of money involved and when … Read More

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dell cyber security

Dell Vulnerabilities

A high-risk flaw in Dell’s software has put the computers of millions of people and companies at risk of exploits by remote attackers. The flaw is within Dell’s SupportAssist software, which is pre-installed on most Dell computers. The flaw has … Read More

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5G & Cyber Security

5G and cyber security will go hand-in-hand as 5G strives to connect more devices together than ever before. Cyber threats and attacks are occurring more frequently and 5G will need to address this if it is to become the connectivity … Read More

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Microsoft CVE-2019-0863 bug fix

Microsoft has released the CVE-2019-0863 bug fix to patch a bug that is using elevation-of-privileges vulnerabilities. The bug is actively being exploited and noted in the Microsoft May Patch Tuesday security bulletin. Linked to Windows Error Reporting features, the CVE-2019-0863 … Read More

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OmniCyber Security’s 10 Commandments For Online Safety

You may not know it, but sophisticated online hackers are trying to access your personal details every minute of the day. Cyber attacks are the biggest threat currently facing businesses and individuals around the world, but we can do our … Read More

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OmniCyber Security partner with Darktrace

OmniCyber Security is proud to announce its partnership with the world leader in cyber artificial intelligence, Darktrace. This partnership allows OmniCyber Security to bring the best in AI defensive technologies to our client’s digital environments. By learning the network’s ‘pattern of … Read More

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protect your router

Discover How Your Router Could Invite Hackers Into Your Home

When it comes to home security, Britons will do all they can to make sure their property, contents and family are secure. The same applies to protecting their online data at home. They use a firewall, keep their anti-virus software … Read More

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