Three Reasons to Outsource Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is one of the most significant challenges that businesses of all sizes face. As technology progresses and changes, business owners are experiencing more cybersecurity threats than ever before. Add to this the economic impact that the COVID pandemic has inflicted on organisations, and we see a direct impact on IT and security spending. Expenditure on risk management and information security technology is already showing a far smaller increase, compared to the original expectations that were predicted at the start of 2020. Cybersecurity is a complex issue to address, and for it to protect companies effectively, t

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What does Salting the hash mean (is it effective?)

Passwords are the cornerstone of security, preventing unauthorised access to your network, applications, and customer accounts. The challenges of password security include storing them. If you store passwords in a database as plain text, anyone who gains access to the database can read them, just like the words in this explainer. Salting the hash is a technique that protects against this vulnerability.

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