Cyber Essentials differences

The difference between CE Basic and CE+

Cyber Essentials is a government-backed scheme that gives businesses and organisations the framework to address the basics of cybersecurity. There are two types, Cyber Essentials Basic and Cyber Essentials Plus, providing an appropriate certification depending on your needs and the size of your company. 


You can read our Cyber Essentials – The Ultimate Guide to learn more about Cyber Essentials and how it helps your business protect itself against 80% of cyber-attack techniques by implementing five basic controls.


What is the difference between CE Basic and CE Plus


Now that you are somewhat familiar with CE, you will be looking to decide which level of certification is right for you. 


CE Basic is best for…


If you are looking for Cyber Essentials Basic, we provide a flexible payment plan for just £49 per month, where we will help you pass the initial assessment. For an additional £50 per month, you will have access to our team of cybersecurity experts that will help you remain protected and secure throughout the duration of the 12 months. 


CE+ is best for…


Cyber Essential Plus accreditation teaches you how to implement the five basic online security controls, and a certified body, such as OmniCyber Security, tests and audits those controls using various penetration testing techniques, such as simulated phishing attacks and hacking.


The benefits of upgrading to CE Plus


  • Evidence you are taking data protection and security seriously: CE Plus certification shows you are taking an active and robust stance against online threats. Cyber-attacks are consistently in the news, so your business needs to reassure its customers and staff that you are investing appropriately in cybersecurity.
  • Win more contracts: CE Plus demonstrates that your company is going the extra mile to ensure security and data protection, putting you in an advantageous position when bidding on new contracts or finding partners and suppliers. If your competitor has Cyber Essentials Basic and you are Cyber Essentials Plus certified, you have a differentiator that gives you a significant advantage.
  • Peace of mind: It is easy to say that you understand and have adopted the basic cybersecurity controls, but do you know that they have been introduced correctly and are effective? The independent assessment is a technical verification that your internal security processes and policies are working, so you know your protocols deliver their intended protection.
  • Work with more industries: To work with businesses or organisations in specific sectors, CE Plus isn’t just preferred but mandatory. With Cyber Essentials, you can work on sensitive government, healthcare, and telecoms projects and with Cyber Essentials Plus, you can win Ministry of Defence contracts.


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