Incident Management & Response Service

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What is Incident Management and Response Service?

Experience has shown that the most crucial period of an incident is the first 48 hours, and our Incident Response Team are available to work with our customers throughout this critical period and the entire life-cycle of the incident.

Reduce the impact of a breach

What do we do?

By identifying the nature and depth of an attack, we aim to help restore business as quickly as possible and reduce the impact of a breach by working with you to prioritise the collection of critical data. Along with investigating& analysing information, whilst coordinating personnel and third parties.

What our clients think

From my point of view, the most impressive thing about OmniCyber is the feedback I get from others after having introduced them to Omni. An example of those comments include, the best penetration testers I have worked with as they work with you, not just on your system.

Client testimonial

When you take into account their competitive rates and flexible easy-going people, Omni is a joy to work alongside. So much so we have made them our penetration testing partner and they now deliver a managed service for us.

Client Testimonial