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Do you want to make long-term improvements to the effectiveness of your clients’ cyber security? Whether you are an integrator, service or network provider, our comprehensive security partner programme is perfect for you.

When you join OmniCyber Security, the doors of our commercially competitive cyber security services will swing open to you. These include penetration testing, SOC management & GRC services such as PCI-DSS, ISO27001, supplier assurance and GDPR consultancy.

We offer generous and on-going commissions for the duration that we continue to support your customers' requirements.

Sign up to the OmiCyber Security Partner Programme today and not only will you be protecting your customers, you will also help to increase the size of your consumer base.

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Cyber security companies face a constant battle as the security landscape changes at an alarming rate. New online security threats are issued daily, with hackers becoming more sophisticated in their internet attacks. Companies globally are now spending more money than ever to keep their information – and that of their customers – safe, but there are still millions of firms that solely rely on security methods like firewalls and antivirus software that are completely inadequate in today’s market.

Instead of being reactive, more and more businesses are now becoming pro-active in order to keep cyber criminals at bay. Companies know the focus of their security policies has shifted from prevention-only strategies to actively identifying threats and vulnerabilities before they cause considerable damage.

Unfortunately, monitoring security attacks in-house and constantly assessing your security software and policies can be complicated and time-consuming. This is down to the need of hiring professional security experts and increasing regulatory requirements like GDPR.

OmniCyber Security has the expertise to address the challenges of how to improve cyber security on limited resources. Our expert cyber security team will provide in-depth evaluation of your current defences and managed threat detection and response, to give you the support you need to safeguard your customers.

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Forging long-term relationships with our business partners is vital to OmniCyber Security. We aim to work in tandem with you and your goals in order to give you the most effective pre-sales, sales and care experience.

By adding OmniCyber Security’s unrivalled cyber security services to your portfolio today you can:

* Generate new sales opportunities and recurring revenues

* Enhance customer relationships

* Increase your current security options


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