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OmniCyber Security partner with Darktrace 

OmniCyber Security is proud to announce its partnership with the world leader in cyber artificial intelligence, Darktrace.

This partnership allows OmniCyber Security to bring the best in AI defensive technologies to our client’s digital environments. By learning the network’s ‘pattern of life’ and alerting on anomalous behaviour, both common threats and zero-day exploits are flagged saving valuable time in the event of a data breach. This partnership demonstrates OmniCyber Security's commitment to providing the best in cyber security solutions to our clients.

OmniCyber CEO, Bobbie Bhogal said "We are always on the search for the best solutions to further enhance our customer's cyber security posture. When it comes to the subject of ‘always on’ network monitoring, our research has led us to partner with the world's leading AI defensive solution, namely Darktrace. We are thoroughly impressed, as have been all of our current customers, with the sophistication of Darktrace’s Enterprise Immune System solution.”

To find out more contact OmniCyber Security.

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