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Infrastructure Penetration Testing

Have you ever dreamt of working as a hacker? Hacking is considered an evil action by most people, and it is a literal horror story to be on the unexpected receiving end. However, hacking is a legitimate career for cybersecurity specialists who wear a white hat and deploy hacking tactics to help companies test and shore up their cyber defences.

Cybersecurity companies use hacking:


  • As part of their infrastructure penetration test – This tests the cyber resilience of your business. Many businesses are using pen testing to build up and double-check their online security. 
  • To find your online vulnerabilities – The goal of an infrastructure penetration test is to find any vulnerabilities with your online security before malicious hackers do and solve the issue.

Types of Infrastructure Penetration Testing

Infrastructure penetration testing falls into two categories

  1. Internal Penetration Testing – is conducted on your internal network and assesses the vulnerabilities of your internal devices and network IP range.
  2. External Penetration Testing – is conducted remotely and assesses your external security services, which are exposed to the internet.


The benefits of internal penetration testing:

  • Identify opportunities for someone inside your business (such as an employee) to accidentally or deliberately expose your business’s systems or data.
  • Respond to incidents and identify which employee caused the issue.
  • Highlights potential business risks and the damages an internal hacker might inflict.
  • Demonstrates how internal infrastructure security systems can be improved.
  • Receive a detailed report of weaknesses and an action plan to remove them.


The benefits of external penetration testing:

  • Discover flaws in firewall configurations that might give access to a hacker.
  • See what and how much data and information could be stolen or leaked.
  • Receive a detailed report of your risk and a plan of how issues can be fixed.
  • Ensure your business operations are not affected by a hack.


How much does infrastructure penetration testing cost?


  • The price depends on the number of systems, applications, and users you have and whether you require external or internal pen-testing or both.
  • For each pen test, we discuss what you require from us, and we can then tell you how long we will need to complete the work. We will then provide a detailed plan of costs.

How often should pen tests occur?

  • We recommend annual pen tests to ensure you have top-notch online security and stay one step ahead of hackers. 
  • If major changes to your company’s infrastructure occur, we recommend additional testing to ensure changes are not welcoming in new vulnerabilities. Further testing can be included in our Cyber Essentials package.


Protect your online infrastructure

If you are interested in either an internal or external infrastructure penetration test, head to our penetration testing page or contact us for a free quote.

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