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Five reasons your business needs Cyber Essentials


Cyber attacks are becoming more, and more of a threat to individuals and businesses as criminals take their efforts online in their attempts to make money illegally.

Whether it’s protecting the data of your employees, securing payment information or ensuring your customers’ details aren’t compromised. Protection from online attacks is now a necessity when running a business.

Cyber Essentials is a government-backed scheme which helps businesses and organisations protect themselves from threats which surface online.

The scheme can grant organisations one of two ‘badges’, and is suitable for businesses of any size, and in any sector.

Here are five reasons why your business needs Cyber Essentials certification;

1. Cyber Essentials protects your business

Protection is vital in a world in which online attacks are becoming more and more prevalent. Having a Cyber Essentials certification protects your business from up to 80% of cyber attacks, according to Executive Compass.

The certification provides a layer of coverage that grants your organisation protection by helping secure things like your internet connection, devices and software.

2. Cyber Essentials saves you money

Accenture reported the average cost of a severe Malware attack on a company at approximately £1.9m – that’s far from cheap.

By gaining some simple protection for as little as just £300 through the Cyber Essentials scheme, businesses can save massive amounts by working to protect from attacks online. Companies and organisations can also apply for a Cyber Essentials Plus certification, which provides expert verification for an added cost – offering further protection.

3. It gives peace of mind

If you’re a business owner or in charge of running an organisation, the last thing you need to add to your plate is a cyber-attack causing mayhem in the office. By opting for Cyber Essentials certification, you’re protecting your business from the most common attacks.

Not only will you be protecting yourself, but you’ll be ensuring that every employee, customer or client can sit safely in the knowledge that their data is safe when working with you.

4. Cyber Essentials will bring you more business

Cyber Essentials certification is already a requirement for some government contracts, and, likely, it will eventually become a mandatory requirement of organisations and companies in the future.

By becoming part of the scheme now, you will be proactively ensuring that future customers and clients are fully aware of your commitment to protecting their information.

Think about it this way – would you instead work with a company that’s fully committed to protecting you and themselves from cyber attacks, or one which talks about it?

5. It will save you time

You might not see Cyber Essentials certification as a necessity you have time for right now, but it will certainly seem that way if you leave it too late and become a victim of online attack.

The truth is that the average time it takes to resolve an attack sits at 50 full working days. This is time no company can afford to waste, especially with the inherent risk of damage to the business’s reputation, which also comes with attacks of this nature.

By investing time now, you’ll be saving countless working hours in the future, should your business become victimised.

How to get Cyber Essentials certified?

If you’re convinced, it’s a straightforward process to get certified by the Cyber Essentials scheme and OmniCyber Security can help you do it!

For a standard certification, you need only complete a three-step process, involving self-certification through an accredited body and completing a questionnaire. Upon completion with a pass, you are awarded your certification.

Meanwhile, should you wish to provide further enhanced protection from online attacks you can opt for Cyber Essentials Plus, which involves verification of your security being carried out by independent experts.

More information on Cyber Essentials can be found here.

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