Cyber Essentials Basic.

The basic Cyber Essentials Certification is a self-assessment that intends to give you the knowledge of five basic controls that your organisation can put in place to protect it against common cyber threats. Read on to learn more about whether Cyber Essentials basic is the right cyber security solution for you.

What is Cyber Essentials?

There are two types of Cyber Essentials Certifications, and these are based on the type and size of the business you have. Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus are government-backed schemes and foundation-level certifications.


The five controls of Cyber Essentials are:


  1. Updating security settings
  2. Configuring your firewall
  3. Controlling access to your data
  4. Protecting against malware and viruses
  5. Ensuring all devices install updates


As an SME, you achieve protection for yourself and from vulnerabilities from 3rd party vendors that form part of your interconnected ecosystem. 

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    Enhance Reputation.

    Companies that are Cyber Essentials certified will appear on the NCSC website showing all certified businesses. You will also be permitted to use Cyber Essentials branding on your website and other promotional material, demonstrating to clients and customers that you take your cybersecurity seriously.

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    Win Business.

    The UK government has made it mandatory for suppliers to be compliant with the cyber essentials scheme. By becoming certified, will be able to bid on government contracts. Not to mention the new business from displaying your Cyber Essentials Badge.

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    Reduce Cybersecurity Premiums.

    Becoming Cyber Essentials certified will lower the premiums you pay for Cyber Security insurance, as the site is at a lowered risk of being attacked.

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    Prevent Common Cyber Attacks

    Even small organisations and those starting out can evaluate their cyber threat profile and introduce strategies to protect their data and prevent around 80% of cyber attacks.

    Why OmniCyber?

    The Cyber Essentials Self Assessment costs £300 which will get you certified for one year providing you pass the initial self-assessment. There are however 3 problems small businesses face:


    1. They cannot afford an effective cybersecurity solution
    2. They fail the self-assessment
    3. They become certified but cannot maintain the level of security they had for the duration of those 12 months.


    To resolve these issues, not only have we spread out the costs of Cyber Essentials into a flexible payment plan, but our team of cybersecurity experts will provide you with support to complete the self-assessment. 


    On top of this, we also provide a consultancy service where our team of cybersecurity experts will help you to remain secure for the duration of those 12 months.

    Cyber Security for SME's

    Cyber Essentials is for companies working in any sector that have not got the personnel or money to manage their own cybersecurity and who also may be seeking to work with government bodies. 

    Flexible Payment plan

    The Cyber Essentials Self Assessment costs £300 which will get you certified for one year providing you pass the initial self-assessment. For an additional £49 per month, we also provide you with a cybersecurity expert, to help you maintain security standards throughout the entire 12 month period. 

    How it works

    When you purchase Cyber Essentials, a member of our team will help you to complete the Self Assessment Questionnaire and submit the form to the IASME portal. If your self-assessment is successful, you receive a PDF certification.

    Talk to one of our Cyber Security consultants