Mobile Application Testing

Mobile applications, or apps, are increasingly a part of everyday life. Often, apps are fundamental to business operations, and this is becoming the norm. App security is vital, and mobile application testing is something that all companies should partake. Mobile … Read More


External vs Internal Network Penetration Testing

Strong network security is a fundamental responsibility for all organisations and businesses. Weak cybersecurity can be extremely damaging to your company with severe brand and financial implications. External and internal network penetration testing is the solution to security testing and leads to … Read More


What is vulnerability scanning?

Vulnerability scanning is one of the most critical responsibilities of an internal IT security team or a certified external security company. The consequences for a company that does not effectively manage vulnerabilities are severe. Vulnerabilities and weaknesses are an open … Read More


Mitigating Malware

Mitigating malware is about reducing the risk of infection by malware. Your organisation can take pre-emptive steps and prevent cybercrime. While it is impossible to defend 100% against malicious software, the risks are hugely reduced, when proper preparation and security … Read More


Cybersecurity steps for your business

When planning and implementing practices for cybersecurity within your business, there are some things to consider. So, if you are looking for advice on cybersecurity and want to know where to start, read on. The main considerations for cybersecurity Your … Read More


Cyber Essentials – The Ultimate Guide

Ultimate Guide to Cyber Essentials Cyber attacks are becoming more, and more of a threat to individuals and businesses as criminals take their efforts online in their attempts to make money illegally. Whether it’s protecting the data of your employees, … Read More


What is a security operations centre (SOC)?

A security operations centre houses an information security team. The team is made up of both security engineers and analysts and oversee the security operation for an entire organisation. With responsibility for monitoring a company’s security stance, the team manages … Read More


LastPass patched a bug that could have made passwords available

In the last few days, LastPass, a popular password manager, has patched a bug that cybercriminals could have exploited. The vulnerability was discovered by staff at Google Project Zero and they highlighted that it could be used to steal user … Read More


iPhone security: How Apple devices were open to hacking for years according to Google

Google researchers revealed that they’d discovered hacker websites which targetted flaws in iPhones. This particular attach what could be one of the most significant cyberattacks on iPhone users ever. Motherboard – the tech team within the Vice website, reported the … Read More